Opex Opal offers our customers the most diverse selection of Opal merchandise.  Our extensive collection features Opal Jewelry, Opal Beads, Opal on Ironstone, Opal Stones, Rough uncut Opal,

Our exquisite Opal Jewelry comes in 14k, 18k and Sterling Silver.  Every piece is one of a kind due to the unique individuality of each and every Opal.

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Opex Opal has been in business since 1955, when Dagbjorn Johnson (pictured above) began mining and selling Opals in Australia.  As a leader in the Opal industry, he started the market in Hong Kong and the United States.  Dag's newest project is the re-opening of the "Boi Morto" mine in Brasil.  Look for the newest developments in our"Latest News"
               Mining Opal in Australia and Brasil and Selling
               Worldwide Since 1955